BBQ Island

How would you like to impress guests during your next outdoor gathering with a custom-designed BBQ island? ClifRock creates stunning structures on a turnkey basis, which means you are getting a truly customized BBQ island that considers your personal aesthetic and cooking preferences. Using engineered stone that is freeze-thaw stable and abrasion resistant, we craft premium-grade kitchens that offer the best long-term value possible.

Custom BBQ Island Created for Superior Style and Durability

At ClifRock, we want you to enjoy a luxurious outdoor living space that will foster quality memories with loved ones—without the hassle of typical construction services. We offer everything you need to design a custom BBQ island that meets your needs for function and aesthetics, and our contractors complete most projects in just three days! A premium-grade BBQ island designed and installed by ClifRock provides many benefits including:

  • Superior Style and Function: Customize your BBQ island with your choice of grills, side burners, smokers, and more arranged in an L-shape or U-shape style. Complete your look with custom stone profiles, colors, and more.
  • Long Lasting Quality: ClifRock's engineered stone panel system provides the same look and feel as real stone, but since it is made for the outdoors it is resistant to the elements, abrasion, and rot.
  • Convenient Remodeling: Your BBQ island can be built over any hard surface, providing you with greater placement options and a more efficient installation process.
  • Incredible Value: Enhancing your home with a custom BBQ island increases resale value, providing you with a 100-200% ROI.
  • Easy Financing: Although we are dedicated to superior quality, we offer competitive pricing and flexible financing options to make your home improvement project simpler.

Start Your Custom Designed BBQ Island Project Today!

ClifRock takes pride in creating some of the most beautiful high-end outdoor kitchens possible. To learn more about what makes our products and services superior, give us a call today or get started by completing our simple online form now!



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