Pool Slides

You want to give your children a fun way to spend their days at the pool, but you don't want the eyesore of a plastic yellow or off-white acrylic slide. The perfect solution? Custom pool slides from ClifRock! Made from our exclusive engineered stone, our pool slides would look more at home in a hidden jungle oasis or upscale beach resort than your typical kids' playground. We custom-engineer each and every pool slide to its unique environment—ensuring that no two pool slides are ever alike.

Just a few of our many pool slide options include:

  • Open-Air Slides
  • Shaded Slides
  • Waterfall Slides
  • Signature Tree Log Slides
  • Tubing Slides
  • Extra-Wide Slides
  • Built-in Grotto or Cave Slides

... and more!

Stylish Pool Slides That Never on Compromise on Fun

When it comes to pool waterslides, many families settle for less-than-attractive designs in order to give their children an entertaining and safe play area at home. With ClifRock, though, you won't ever be forced to give up your luxurious home exterior! Our custom slides offer just as much grown-up aesthetic appeal as they do kid-friendly fun.

Simply work with our expert designers and Authorized Installers to create your unique pool slide, and then reap the many long-term benefits of ClifRock paneling:

  • Elegance: Our engineered stone panels may be made from fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete, but they faithfully reflect the look of natural stone. They're taken from exact stone impressions chosen by a 20-year stone mason!
  • All-Climate Durability: ClifRock creates pool slides for families across the country, and our Panel Masonry™ technology is proven to withstand heat, freeze/thaw cycles, chipping, rotting, and abrasion.
  • Lightweight Installation: Unlike most natural materials, our engineered stone is light enough that it can be retrofitted onto virtually any existing pool. We can add your custom slide without damaging pool walls, patio floors, or landscaping.
  • Full-Service Expertise: We're a turnkey provider of outdoor living solutions, so we can complement our pool waterslides with absolutely any other feature: a cozy fire pit, a fun koi pond, or a stunning waterfall wall.

Browse Our Unique Pool Slides and Get a Free Backyard Design Quote

Ready to give your family a one-of-a-kind place to play and grow without dragging down your backyard design? Then call ClifRock today to find out more about our deluxe, custom-built water features: treasured by kids and appreciated by adults! Give us a call or complete our online form now to sign up for a professional consultation and pressure-free cost estimate for high-end pool slides.



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