Pool Waterfalls

In the finest homes, the pool and outdoor living areas are an extension of the living space and shouldn't be ignored when it comes to function and design. At ClifRock, we believe that outdoor living areas should be given the same thought and care as the home's interior. That's why we want to take your pool to the next level with one of our stunning custom waterfalls!

Our proprietary, lightweight engineered boulder system technology allows our Authorized Installers to install features over your existing pool deck or build something entirely from the ground up. You'll get the stunning look of natural stone without the stress to your deck or pool due to excess weight. Since 2013, our pool waterfalls have added value and custom style to some of the country's most beautiful backyards.

Custom Waterfall Design

Listening to the soothing sounds of waterfalls greatly adds to the experience of spending time in your outdoor living areas. Our product line goes beyond simple water features and can also include waterslides, diving rocks, and even grottos and caves. We offer the best in:

  • Design The waterfall design is the first step in the process, and it will be completed by a talented, experienced professional from the ClifRock Authorized Installer Network. After discussing what you'd like to incorporate in your pool area, the designer will create a rendering of the plans so you can see exactly what it will look like before giving your final approval.
  • Materials Natural stone is beautiful, but there are problems that come with using it for pool waterfalls, including its weight, instability, and the need for heavy equipment to get it to your pool area. Our product gives you the look of natural stone in a material that can stand up to extreme weather for years of impressive performance.
  • Construction Installing our custom waterfalls takes much less time than installing waterfalls made of stone. Our Authorized Installers can complete most projects in a week or two. Our superior products and fast construction make it easy to see why ClifRock's Authorized Installers complete more pool water features than any other company in North America.

Schedule a Design Consultation for Custom Water Features

We go beyond installing water features; we provide turnkey solutions that elevate the experience of spending time in your outdoor space. Contact your local ClifRock Authorized Installer to learn more about our waterfalls and other impressive water features. Give us a call today or fill out our quick online form now to schedule a complimentary design consultation.



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