Service Areas and Bars

Want to host a party worthy of the pros? Then work with a ClifRock Authorized Installer to make sure your outdoor living areas are set up for success before the next big event! With our custom-built service areas and bars, you won't just have a convenient outdoor kitchen; you'll have a fully featured spot for dining, drinking, mixing, and mingling. From kids' birthday parties and baby showers to playoff watch-parties and adult happy hours, every event will run smoother in a ClifRock-designed outdoor service area.

Exceptional Strength and Durability for Your Outdoor Service Area

As a turnkey provider of backyard luxury, ClifRock Authorized Installers provide expertise in both design and installation of high-end amenities. In your custom bar and service area, we'll utilize our exclusive Panel Masonry™ technology—a cutting-edge polymeric concrete material that offers the authentic look of stone without the hassle. These specially formulated panels are:

  • Cast from impressions of real stone to faithfully represent its varied coloring and texture.
  • Light enough to install anywhere, without worrying about stress on existing structures.
  • Six times stronger and three times longer-lasting than concrete.
  • Able to withstand damage from heat, freezing, abrasions, impact, and moisture.

Despite the specially engineered durability, the look of ClifRock panels is so authentic that your guests won't even know your outdoor bar isn't real stone!

Unique Ideas for a Custom Bar and Backyard Service Area

Outdoor Service Area Ideas

  • Build a BBQ island with barstool seating and plenty of space to lay out dishes in a DIY buffet line.
  • Create a private restaurant in your own backyard by placing a dining table inside a massive cave.
  • Place seating and small tables around a fire pit for toasty winter evenings of dining and drinking.

Outdoor Bar Ideas

  • Add a refreshment stand alongside your grill so you can handle drink duties without burning the meat.
  • Create a swim-up bar at your poolside complete with a boulder loveseat and cascading waterfall.
  • Place several mini bars and fridges throughout your outdoor seating area so nobody has to get up for a refill.

Ready to Start? Get Inspired by Our Beautifully Customized Service Areas And Bars

With ClifRock, your backyard can be transformed into the modern space you've always wanted—whether that's a tropical tiki bar, a hand-tossed pizza shop, or a ranch-style kitchen worthy of the Old West. Find out more about our deluxe outdoor living spaces by giving us a call today! To sign up for an expert consultation and no-pressure quote from your local ClifRock Authorized Installer, fill out our online form now.



At ClifRock, we design and create industry-leading products to complete your backyard transformation.

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