Water Feature Design

Peace, relaxation, purity, calm… Wouldn't you love for your own backyard to exude such feelings of rejuvenation and positivity? With the help of ClifRock's water feature products, it can! As a turnkey provider of backyard luxury, we specialize in customized water feature design—turning any regular backyard into something far more than an empty, open space. In fact, whatever your specific outdoor living dreams might be, we can design and build a unique water feature to fit.

Here are just a few ways in which our experienced water feature design team can elevate your outdoor living areas:

  • We can give you a private sanctuary with well-placed, gently streaming backyard waterfalls.
  • We can craft a grand, unforgettable entrance to your home or backyard with oversized cascading boulders.
  • We can create a stylish focal point for parties with a beautiful koi pond and lively water garden.
  • We can provide endless family fun for your little ones with custom pool slides, including our signature tree log slide!
  • We can build a mysterious hidden oasis with poolside grottos and caves, entertaining for kids and private for adults.
  • We can complement your water feature design with many other luxury amenities: fire pits, pizza ovens, outdoor bars, and more!

One-of-a-Kind Water Feature Products and Unmatched Quality

At ClifRock, we pride ourselves on creating unique water features to suit our clients' individual preferences, adding a touch of artistry and elegance to any backyard. Above and beyond the water feature design itself, however, we also utilize the industry's most durable products to build our creations!

We've pioneered Panel Masonry™ technology—an exclusive engineered stone that faithfully reflects the color and texture of natural stone without its many drawbacks. With our masonry alternative, your water feature design will be brought to life in a product that:

  • Has been designed by a world-renowned concrete chemist.
  • Is strong enough to resist impact and abrasion.
  • Remains stable throughout freeze-thaw cycles and temperature extremes.
  • Can be installed without heavy machinery.
  • Weighs one-tenth as much as natural stone—making it light enough to install and/or retrofit almost anywhere!

Create Your Unique Water Feature Design and Receive a Free Estimate Now

If you're ready to modernize and enhance your backyard space, start by reaching out to a ClifRock Authorized Installer—the largest water feature builder network in North America! They'll turn your backyard into the talk of the town with elegant, custom-built water features of any size, shape, and style.

Simply call our water feature design experts to discuss your unique project, or use our online form to sign up for a professional consultation from the ClifRock Authorized Installer nearest you.



At ClifRock, we design and create industry-leading products to complete your backyard transformation.

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