Grottos and Caves

Anyone can have a pool, but how many neighbors do you know with a custom-designed oasis or private wellness retreat in their own backyard? At ClifRock, we make gorgeous outdoor water features simple, and our stunning grottos and caves can turn a standard pool design into something luxurious, private, and stunning to behold:

  • Grottos: Transform your backyard into an exotic locale with privacy waterfalls, sun-shaded built-in seating, and stunning oversized boulders.
  • Caves: Our caves can be designed for practical use or aesthetic appeal. Poolside caves are fun for kids to explore and perfect for adults to grab a cocktail and relax.

Ultra-Durable, Low-Impact Grottos and Caves

At ClifRock, we pride ourselves on providing turnkey solutions in artistic and elegant backyard design, and we've engineered a better way to craft poolside grottos and caves. Instead of heavy natural stone—which often damages existing structures and requires the use of destructive large-scale machinery—we utilize Panel Masonry™ technology.

These exclusive panels were created with the guidance of one of the world's leading concrete chemists, resulting in a product that is:

  • Exceptionally strong.
  • Resistant to high temperatures, impact, and abrasion.
  • Stable throughout freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Installed without heavy-duty machinery.
  • Just one-tenth of the weight of natural stone—light enough to retrofit on virtually any pool.

Thanks to this cutting-edge material, most ClifRock grottos and caves can be installed in a matter of days, giving you full use of your backyard in no time!

Customized Grotto and Cave Design

Our grottos and caves are not only designed for year-round weather conditions in virtually every climate—they can also be 100% customized to you. Our luxury water features are built from specially engineered panels that are exact impressions taken from real stone, and they can be crafted in any size, shape, or color.

Add dozens of small rocks around the pool edge for a natural but subtle look, or opt for massive boulders to create hidden caves and a jungle oasis experience. Whatever your backyard vision might be, our cave and grotto design specialists will help you bring it to life!

Ready to Elevate Your Poolside Experience? Request Your Consultation for Grottos or Caves

ClifRock is proud to be the largest water feature builder network in North America, offering everything you could need to create a private resort in your backyard. Explore our grottos, caves, and other custom water features here on our website, or give us a call to speak with an expert in water feature design! To schedule a detailed consultation and start designing your modern outdoor living area right now, complete our fast online form.



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