Concrete Steps

Want to add the natural beauty of rough-hewn boulders, polished river rock, or lightly textured sandstone to your outdoor living areas? While some remodeling companies will try to sell you on the benefits of “stone-inspired” stamped concrete steps, ClifRock Outdoor Spaces is here to offer a far better way: our specially formulated and exclusive Panel Masonry™ technology.

Unlike stamped concrete patterns—which often look like just that, a pattern—our precast panels are realistic impressions of varied natural stone. They’re cast from a selection of stone chosen by a 20-year stone mason, and they authentically reflect the color, texture, and pattern variations of real stone. Instead of basic concrete steps, you can choose from dozens of stone profiles to create a high-end look you’ll love!

Custom Steps with Modern Beauty and Unparalleled Durability

Stamped concrete is often appreciated as a relatively low-cost, low-hassle way of adding style to otherwise bland concrete flooring—but ClifRock has taken those benefits and made them even better. Instead of pouring concrete steps on site, we install precast polymeric concrete panels that are better in every way:

  • Although they look exactly like the real thing, our panels weigh just one-tenth as much as natural stone. Installation of these lightweight panels requires no footing, leveling, or heavy machinery.
  • Compared to standard poured or stamped concrete steps, our Panel Masonry™ technology is six times stronger.
  • Our ultra-durable engineered stone resists some of the most common outdoor problems: heat, rot, freeze-thaw cycles, impact, and abrasion.
  • We can install custom steps in any outdoor living space: leading to a hidden koi pond, going up a terraced retaining wall garden, or descending to an outdoor fire pit.

Thinking Stamped Concrete? See Why ClifRock Concrete Steps Are Simply Better!

Here at ClifRock, we promise outdoor living made simple—and nothing could be simpler than the 1-to-3-day installation timelines of our custom-designed, ultra-durable concrete steps. Beyond the steps themselves, we can build every high-end feature around them as well! We’ll take your biggest dreams for outdoor living and bring them to life with built-in BBQs, pool caves and grottos, backyard waterfalls, and more.

To find out why ClifRock’s engineered stone panels far exceed the quality and luxury of conventional stamped concrete solutions, give us a call today. You can also fill out our online form to request an expert consultation from the authorized dealer near you!



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