Retaining Wall Design

Retaining walls often serve a purely functional purpose of keeping landscaping and soil in place—but what if your retaining wall could do more than that? With ClifRock Outdoor Spaces, you won’t have to settle for “functional” alone! We can build you a one-of-a-kind retaining wall design that serves all of its practical purposes while also contributing to the sophisticated outdoor living area you’ve always imagined.

Custom Retaining Wall Designs From Specially Engineered Panels

If you have a sloped or uneven backyard, a custom retaining wall is one of the best ways to level out the ground and increase the square footage available to you. In many regions across the country, retaining walls are virtually required in order to create enough level ground for a pool, patio, or outdoor deck. Although these features may be necessary, ClifRock makes them luxurious, too!

We believe that every aspect of your backyard should add to its aesthetic appeal, and our custom retaining wall solutions are no exception. Instead of basic bricks or plain poured concrete, we build retaining walls from our exclusive Panel Masonry™ technology. These stone-inspired panels provide:

  • Lavishly Custom Design: We can create any retaining wall design you can imagine, from simple poolside retaining walls to stunning terraced gardens, integrated walkways and steps, built-in retaining wall love seats, and sophisticated water walls. Our panels come in any size, shape, and color you could want!
  • Long-Term Durability: Made from fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete material, our stone-inspired panels can withstand extreme heat, freeze-thaw cycles, and abrasions. They’re also crafted based on real stone impressions so that you receive lasting toughness without sacrificing style.
  • Minimal Impact on Your Backyard: Many of our retaining wall design projects can be fully completed in a matter of three days or less, and we don’t have to use heavy machinery that could damage your landscaping.

Start Your Retaining Wall Design Today with an Expert Consultation

ClifRock has more than 250 remodeling partners located throughout the United States, so a vetted and authorized retaining wall design specialist is never too far from you! As a turnkey provider of modern backyard luxury, we build customized retaining walls and so much more—and we’re ready to start on your elegant space today. Call us or complete our simple online form to begin your custom retaining wall!



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