Garden Retaining Wall

The outdoors of your home should be as beautiful and inviting as the interior, and the quality services offered by ClifRock Outdoor Spaces bring custom, luxury style to your yard. We offer many services, including the design and installation of a garden retaining wall.

This outdoor feature can increase your lawn and garden space and prevent water drainage in areas of your yard that you’d like to keep dry. Since 2013, ClifRock has become the premier provider of commanding backyard transformations. From small yards to sprawling spaces, we can turn any yard into an exceptional backyard oasis.

Custom Retaining Walls

Garden retaining walls are more about function, but that doesn’t mean they have to be unattractive. ClifRock will design custom retaining walls that will serve their intended purpose while also complementing the other design elements of your space. Our walls are built for functionality and durability, yet designed for beauty.

There are many reasons to choose ClifRock Outdoor Spaces, including:

  • We offer design services using Structured Studios, so you can see a 3D rendering before signing off on the plans.
  • Our ClifRock panel masonry is available in many classic styles and is durable enough to handle any weather from harsh New England winters to blazing Phoenix summers.
  • The products we install provide the distinct look of natural stone without the need for expensive installation or the weight and instability of stone.
  • Since our stones are light enough to be carried in by hand, you don’t have to worry about damage to your landscaping caused by heavy machinery.
  • Installation of most outdoor features, including most garden retaining walls, can be completed in just a few days.

Learn More About Our Custom Retaining Walls

Schedule a consultation with one of our talented designers to discuss your ideas for your outdoor space. Our custom-tailored retaining walls blend seamlessly with your landscaping while also providing the functionality you need. Contact us for more information or to schedule a no-cost design consultation. Call ClifRock Outdoor Spaces today or fill out our online form now to get started.



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