There are a variety of pool water features to choose from. Knowing your style options before designing your feature is important so that you can get the perfect water feature for your pool. Yes, there are many individual pool water features but almost all of them can be combined and integrated within one another in order to make a multi-use pool water feature. Read below to discover all of the water features ClifRock offers, how you mix and match them is up to you. Get creative!

Pool Water Feature #1: Pool Grotto

Pool grottos are mystical caverns that allow you to stand in and watch the beautiful view of waterfalls from behind. Grottos make for great places to cool off while offering that priceless sound of cascading water. With a pool grotto, you can also add in pool rock slides and benches for more water action!

Pool Water Feature #2: Poolside Cave

Bring your man-cave to the outdoors with a pool cave! Pool caves make for the ultimate seating area during those hot summer days. Build in benches, curves and turns, or even add a water slide around the outside with a modular staircase.

Pool Water Feature #3: Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Pool waterfalls are notorious for their relaxing ambiance they add to backyards. Need a break from your busy week? Pool waterfalls will create that tropical island oasis vibe right in your backyard. You can design your pool waterfall to be as massive or as creative as you want with our boulder panel system.

Pool Water Feature #4: Pool Rock Water Slides and Tree Log Water Slides

Swimming pools get boring and a perfect way to rev them up again is by adding a custom water slide! Water slides are entertaining for all ages and are sure to add a punch of excitement to any backyard event. Want something even more unique? ClifRock can create water slides that look and feel like a real tree log.

Pool Water Feature #5: Cascading Boulders and Boulder Mountains

If you are looking for a more soothing type of pool water feature, cascading boulders and boulder mountains are the pool water feature for you. They deliver a beautiful, robust appearance and you will always find serenity in the sound of water crashing into your pool.

Pool Water Feature #6: Diving Boulders and Diving Rocks

Simple yet very exhilarating, diving boulders and diving rocks are perfect for all ages. Give your family and close ones a fun spot to jump and cannon ball into your pool this summer!

Mix and match your favorite features and create the ultimate entertainment spot for your family and friends to enjoy during those hot summer days. Some of our more famous water feature combinations include water slides built into grottos, pool waterfalls with built-in love seats and benches, and caves with modular staircases leading to an exciting, twisty custom water slide. The sky is the limit with our boulder panel system and engineered stone material. Whatever it is you envision, we can bring it to life. Custom design your pool water feature with ClifRock today.