Pool waterfalls not only make for an incredible view right in your own backyard, but they offer that priceless sound of cascading water and provide a tropical spot to cool off from the hot sun. But, there is so much more you can do with your pool waterfall. If you have a pool waterfall or thinking about getting one, you need start envisioning how you can make these beautiful backyard features reach their full potential. There are many affordable and easy ways to accomplish this. Read below for some ideas!

Plants and Greenery

The first and most simple way to add amazing appeal to your pool waterfall is by adding plants around the water feature. If you are adding plants to the appropriate places around your pool waterfall, make sure you are using plants that are suitable for being in moist soil as water droplets may accumulate more easily. Below are some plants that would thrive next to your water feature:

Ground Cover Plants: Ground cover plants are a beautiful way to add some life and nature to your outdoor entertainment area. Some of these ground cover plants do great at tolerating watery conditions according to Home Guides. They also recommend the ground cover plant Setcreasea Pallida, also known as the Purple Heart, because it can tolerant drought as well as moist soil.

Shrubs: These low maintenance plants are known for adding curb appeal to any home so why not add them next to your pool water feature too? A great shrub to add to your feature is the Hibiscus Syriacus, also known as the Rose-of-Sharon, because it is known for growing in wet locations and can tolerate a seacoast environment according to Home Guide.

Perennials: And, the most beautiful blooming, wet-environment tolerate plant that can be added to your pool waterfall are perennial flowers. These perky little perennials are an excellent choice because they come back every year and can withstand moist environments.


The second and most enchanted way you can upgrade your pool waterfall is with some unique lighting. Landscape lighting is always a phenomenal way to spice up your backyard fiesta so make it more elegant with some lighting around your pool waterfall. Your waterfall is certainly something worth memorizing and deserves attention at your late-night gatherings and parties. Speak with your local authorized ClifRock installer to see how you can add lighting to your pool waterfall. Seek a professional at all times to properly and safely install lighting to your waterfall.

Fire Pit Additions

While lighting up your waterfall is a fun and exciting way to dazzle it up for some extra nightlife entertainment, fire pits are also a great way to compliment your pool waterfall. If you don’t already have a patio or a deck around your pool waterfall, your authorized installer can install one for you to hold your unique, custom fire pit. Fire pits make for excellent seating areas while offering a natural source of light to the rest of your outdoor living space.

With ClifRock’s unique boulder panel system and customizable options, you are destined to have the pool waterfall of your dreams. No matter what you envision, we can bring it to life. Get in touch with your local ClifRock installer by clicking here and start taking full advantage of your backyard!