Fire pits serve more of a purpose than you think. Yes, they offer beautiful, crackling flames but they also offer an ambiance to any backyard, a unique seating area, a place to cook up some hot dogs and a spot to make lasting, special memories. Every backyard needs a fire pit not only to tie in the entire outdoor living space but to also bring the family together. It has been proven that fire pits cause people to be outside in the backyard more often and for longer periods of time. Everyone needs a conversation piece, a focal point or a source of reason to be outside for a long duration and fire pits are the perfect backyard feature to accomplish this.

There are many ways to spice up your bonfire nights with a fire pit from ClifRock. With ClifRock, you can custom design your fire pit to match your style and to seamlessly synchronize with the rest of your outdoor living space. For the most creative fire pit, ClifRock offers a signature tree stump fire pit that looks and feels just a like a tree stump! Out tree stump fire pits are a major family favorite due to the unique design that cannot be found anywhere else.

ClifRock’s partner Blazing Beats also has an incredible way to add excitement to the fire pit department. Blazing Beats fire pits literally dance to the sound of your music. Just connect your phone to the fire pit through your blue-tooth setting and watch the flames bounce to the beat of your favorite songs.

If you are looking for a more sophisticated and charming backyard feel then an outdoor fireplace is recommended for you. Create a cozy, tight-knit entertainment space with a custom outdoor fireplace. These beautiful, grand fire features will also help you sell your home in the future! Outdoor living spaces and fire features are the new and popular backyard feature that many people are searching for in a home. With a breathtaking fire feature and an outdoor living space, you can be sure you will sell your home for more and much quicker than the house for sale down the street.

It is clear fire features offer a lot of beauty and create an unbeatable setting. But, they also serve a more functional purpose. The light from the flames makes for an incredible source of landscape lighting saving you money on your electricity bill. Who doesn’t love the natural light from the flicker of flames? And, bugs and pesky mosquitoes tend to stay away from fire so it also serves as a natural insect repellent.

With ClifRock’s custom fire features, you are destined to find a fire pit or a cozy outdoor fireplace that is suitable for you yard not matter how big or small. And, what makes fire features truly worth their value is that they can be used all year round even during the winter. ClifRock’s fire features are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and freeze thaw cycles.

Design your custom fire feature today with your local authorized ClifRock installer and start spending more time outdoors with your loved ones.