We are known for our beautiful, massive boulder water features but there are many misconceptions when people see our water features towering over the edge of a swimming pool. ClifRock’s water features don’t share any similarities with water features created from natural, real boulders. Read below to find out the top 5 misconceptions of our swimming pool water feature services. You won’t look at our water features the same again!

Misconception #1:

ClifRock’s pool rock features, caves, grottos, custom water slides and boulder waterfalls are so large it will damage the structure of a pool – FALSE! We create all of our pool water features with our proprietary engineered stone material that is a fraction of the weight of a real boulder and will not cause any harm or damage to your swimming pool.

Misconception #2:

Between the artistic design and realistic appearance, these boulders must not last long and require a lot of maintenance – FALSE! Our engineered stone material is made with a fiber-reinforced, weather resistant material that has been tested and proven to handle heavy impacts, freeze-thaw cycles and even the harshest climates. And, since we use a lighter weight material as explained above, your pool water feature will not settle, shift or move like how a natural boulder would. This movement from real boulders is what also causes damage to swimming pools.

Also, need not to worry about any maintenance on your grotto, pool cave, rock waterslide or boulder waterfall because our material is also chip and abrasion resistant. You will never need any repairs or color touch-ups!

Misconception #3:

With all of the customization options and the size of the boulders, it must take months before the final swimming pool feature is ready and flowing – FALSE! Thanks to our engineered stone material and boulder panel system, we design, customize and create a pool water feature in less than a week depending on your desired customization options. We create boulders with precast panels and create your custom pool water feature right on site. Because of the boulder panel system, we can also fit into small places and we do not require the use of heavy machinery that could cause potential disruption to the rest of your landscape our outdoor living space.

Misconception #4:

Anything that can be customized, including a poolside water feature, is very expensive – FALSE! Since we eliminate the need of requiring a large team, heavy duty machinery and pre-ordering materials, our custom boulder water features are much more affordable than traditional methods. And, it allows you to make your feature even more unique and water action filled.

Misconception #5:

Home owners with an above ground pool cannot have a pool water feature – FALSE! Our lighter weight engineered stone material and boulder panel system gives us the design freedom of installing pool water features on surrounding pool decks. For inground pools, we can assemble our pool water features anywhere right on the patio that covers the circumference of your pool.

With our endless design options, engineered stone material and boulder panel system, you can custom create you dream pool grotto, enchanted cave, boulder waterfall and pool rock slide. Not only can you select the shape, size and colors of your boulders but your local ClifRock installer can build-in add on features such as added fall points, a custom love seat, benches under your pool grotto waterfall and more! You can get in touch with your local authorized ClifRock installer by clicking here.