First impressions are created, developed and molded within the first 3 seconds so when you own a small business, it is important to make a big, bold impression. Making a bold impression develops character for your business, indicates the success of your business and creates a line of immediate trust between the potential client and you. So, how do you make this magnificent, grand entrance for your clients? With a landscape boulder water feature.

Boulder water features are powerful and large. They portray a dominance in which clients seek in a business. But, there is more than the physical image that these water features have to offer your commercial property. They also create an atmosphere that can attract clients. The sound of a cascading boulder waterfall psychologically attracts their interest to your business. The sound is positively uplifting and the appearance is scenic and beautiful. When a commercial property has a boulder water feature, or any large-scale water feature, it has been proven to be more appealing to clients making them more compelled to be drawn towards that business as compared to a business that has a poor landscape and exterior.

If space is limited around your commercial property, there are also several other types of water features that enhance your business’ image. Below are water features that are ideal for commercial properties:

  • Koi Ponds
  • Pondless Water Features
  • Ledge Water Walls
  • Masonry Water Walls
  • Blade Waterfalls

All of these landscape water features can be as large as your property allows when built with an installer who can customize your feature. Customizing your feature is important in order to make it complement your building, property and budget. Selecting any random water feature at a department store and placing it around your front entryway can end up doing more harm the good. It is important that the waterfall, water wall or pond seamlessly matches in color, shape and size with the rest of your property and is coherent with the message you’re are trying to portray.

ClifRock is your one stop solution for your businesses’ new exterior upgrade. With ClifRock, you can custom design the style, shape, size and color while staying within your budget. You run your business and your business is a reflection of that; so, get a water feature that best matches your presentation and work ethic. Customize your commercial boulder water feature today with ClifRock and start making a bold impression on your current and potential clients.