There are more than ponds and garden fountains when it comes to today’s modern water features. The designs can get extremely extravagant and artistic. There are many backyard water features out there that many people have never even imagined like a masonry water wall or a waterfall blade. Water features are an investment and it is a feature that you will be seeing everyday so it is important to know all of your options.

There are 4 main styles of water features, although there are many different ways one can style, customize and design any of these 4 features. But, these 4 layouts make for a good starting point on the drawing board when it comes to developing design plans and planning your water feature. Below are the 4 water feature styles:

  • Ledge Water Wall: A crafted wall that flows water vertically while making almost no contact with the rock wall. Ledge water walls offer a booming sound that makes ideal for larger properties.
  • Masonry Water Wall: These water feature walls offer a stonewall look and provides a beautiful vertical flow of water similar to the ledge water wall.
  • Running Boulder: These are smaller water features that are usually only made up of one or two boulders and often times are attached to a pond. Aquatic gardens are a spectacular addition to add to a running boulder’s pond.
  • Cascading Boulders: With cascading boulders, you can typically see multiple boulders together with a cascading waterfall elegantly smashing over the rocks. These water features are seen attached to larger ponds and swimming pools.

These are the four main designs but each of these can have added features such as, a pondless waterfall, a stream, garden pond, koi pond, stone fountains and more.

Each of these water features give off an ambience that is unique to its own. Ledge water walls are perfect for lavish settings while masonry water walls are ideal for a more down to earth atmosphere. And, running boulder water features nestle quite beautifully on a patio or flowing into a koi pond. Cascading boulders are very robust and create a grand entrance for large homes, hotels and commercial properties. Decide which atmosphere you are trying to accomplish before selecting your water feature. The water feature must match its surroundings in order to properly display its full beauty.

Although there are many styles and even more add on features, not all department stores will have exactly what you are are looking for. To get the backyard water feature that will best compliment your home and give you the biggest ROI when you go to sell your home is by custom designing it.

Almost no department store offers customization options but never settle for the generic, factory printed and stamped water features because a water feature will not deliver to its full potential if it is not exactly what you have spent so long envisioning. ClifRock is here to relieve the dissatisfaction that retail stores will give you. Here at ClifRock, we can custom design the water feature of your dreams while staying within your budget since everything can be conformed to exactly what you want. ClifRock can create everything from large water features to small patio water fountains. With our engineered stone material, you will never need to do any touch ups down the road no matter how harsh your climate can be. Contact ClifRock today to get in touch with your local authorized ClifRock water feature installer and enjoy the soothing sound of cascading water or a trickling garden fountain in just a few weeks or less.