What family doesn’t go to a water park at least once during the summer? Water parks are an outstanding and exciting place where both the kids and adults can have fun. But because of the entertainment value water parks offer to their local surrounding residents, there comes a lot of chaos. From the long lines for the large swimming pool slides to the overpriced entry tickets, limited seating areas, parking, bathroom lines, lugging personal items around and chasing after multiple kids really weighs heavy on a day that is supposed to be thoroughly enjoyed. If it was not for all of these issues and dilemmas, families would attend water parks a whole lot more frequently.

The water park fiasco can be avoided by simply bringing the water park to your home with a big backyard water slide, a pool grotto, diving rocks and swimming pool waterfalls. Adding these water features to your pool not only is a great way to stay cool from the beating hot sun but it also keeps kids and the adults entertained at gatherings, birthday parties and special events. Creating a backyard water park paradise saves you travel time, admission costs and you can skip all that other chaos. With ClifRock’s 3-step installation process, you can have a built-in pool slide, swimming pool waterfall or even a custom pool grotto on the edge of your own pool in just a week.

Custom slides, pool grottos and waterfalls are perfect for any summertime event and adding a water feature to your pool is quick, easy and affordable. Forget about parking, enjoy free admission, relax wherever you would like to relax and eat lunch comfortably at the picnic table or BBQ island. Also, pool water features are an extremely enticing feature when selling your home and can increase the value of your home; so, your pool water feature may even pay for itself.

Even though you have a pool slide water park in your backyard, it is important to always remember safety. Children should always be accompanied by an adult and make sure children never slide down the pool water slide head first. Ensuring that everyone is safe at all times makes the outdoor experience all more enjoyable.

With our engineered stone material, our swimming pool water slides and other water features require no maintenance. Our material is resistant to chipping, abrasion and harsh weather conditions. You can fully depend on your pool water features for endless years to come.

Throw away the hassle and burden of a water park and rev up your outdoor entertainment area with custom designed pool water features by ClifRock. Contact ClifRock today to get in touch with your local ClifRock pool water feature installer and get started on your design. Get more out of your summers, bond more with friends and family and remove all the stress that comes with family day at the water park.