Pool grottos are one of our most popular water features that homeowners add onto their poolside. The mystical caverns offer a tropical appearance and soothing atmosphere to any swimming pool and landscape. They make for one of the most relaxing spots in your entire landscape and home. But aside from being relaxing, grottos can also be designed to offer an enormous amount of water action for your children and guests by adding a built-in water slide.

Here at ClifRock, we don’t just stick any generic water slide onto the edge of your pool, we actually sculpt it into your pool grotto for an artistic, stone look. You can custom design your water slide to have a stone look with our durable engineered stone material. Or, you can get more festive and design your custom water slide to look and feel exactly like a tree log. 

Our Engineered stone material and boulder panel system is extremely versatile and allows us to create the most unique and exciting water slide for your pool. Your water slide will blend right in with the pool grotto! We can also build in modular staircases with our engineered stone material for access to your water slide making your boulder water feature look even more like a piece of paradise.


  • Sculpting a water slide into your pool grotto gives that resort vibe to your backyard.
  • Water slides dramatically increase the entertainment and excitement of your pool.
  • Adding a water slide and modular stair case into your pool grotto can actually increase the value of your entire home.

Water slides are one of those water feature add-ons that is an absolute must have due the excitement and entertainment value they offer. It is time to get rid of that boring, dull water slide currently sitting in your backyard and time to create a water park with ClifRock’s custom water slide services. To get in touch with your nearest local ClifRock installer, click here! All of our installers are happy to assist you with any water slide and pool grotto design help and provide a free estimate based on your design plans.