ClifRock's Custom Panel Masonry Technology

Outdoor living spaces, water features and even fire features can take weeks when custom built by a company who uses traditional methods and materials. Using an engineered stone material and a panel system makes the process much faster and more affordable while delivering a much more beautiful product.

There are 3 main ways ClifRock’s engineered stone material, panel masonry system and boulder panel system changes the way outdoor living spaces and boulder water features are built.

Save Building Time

First, ClifRock’s material and panel system significantly cuts the construction time with our 3-step installation process.

Panels are set, attached and seamed together without any substrate structure. This allows for outdoor kitchens to be built in just a few days rather than weeks.

The boulder panel system for landscape water features and pool water features work similarly and these features can also be created in a fraction of the time.

Less Backyard Disruption

Many traditional methods use heavy material like natural stone and boulders to create their outdoor kitchens, fire pits and pool water features. This causes major destruction to your yard. While you’re spending the money to improve the excitement of your yard, you’re also causing damage to your beautiful surrounding gardens and greenery. Who wants that?

This brings us to our second point on how ClifRock makes bringing outdoor living spaces to backyards easy. ClifRock does not require the use of any heavy equipment or machinery. All precast panels can be hand carried by just a few men from point A to point B. Don’t worry about having to higher a landscape company after you bring on ClifRock for your backyard transformation project!

Less Materials Waste

With ClifRock’s 3-step installation process, engineered stone material and precast panel system, ClifRock can have a full outdoor living space with landscape water features and a custom fire pit fully built and personally designed in just a few days.

With traditional methods and materials, you will have to wait weeks for your backyard project to be complete along with long days of loud noises and commotion.

Experience Elegance and Simplicity with ClifRock

ClifRock makes creating outdoor kitchens, fire features and water features quick, easy and hassle free. Not only do we cut the labor time we also cut the costs so you can have the outdoor living space of your dreams. And, since we use an engineered stone material and panel system to create our backyard features, we are able to offer homeowners endless design and customization options.

With this, you can be sure you will get the backyard you have always envisioned while staying with in your budget.

We have over 500 installers across the nation, and can set you up with a local authorized ClifRock Installer. Your installer will be happy to assist you in design help and free estimates to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Let’s turn your backyard into an entertainment space together!

Want to become a ClifRock Authorized Panel Mason to provide outdoor kitchens, water and fire feature to your customers? See if Panel Masonry is right for your small business.