So many of us these days are spending far more time in our homes and we are evolving our homes to be our space for entertainment or escape. Backyards provide the perfect opportunity to get a breath of fresh air during your workday and al-fresco dining at night. Not to mention, having a space to enjoy the outdoors can be beneficial for your overall mental health. If you’re wanting to spend more time outdoors at your home and are looking to improve your outdoor space, we have 7 simple ways to make the most out of your outdoor space. ClifRock


Don’t let the temperature stop you from enjoying your outdoor living space at any time. Consider it an extension of your home – you’ll need to have the right heating and cooling system for any occasion. For colder months, an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or built-in heater is essential to stay warm. Plus, your friends and family will love sitting around a fire on a crisp night. We have designed and developed a wide variety of Fire Features to choose from so there is no shortage of options.

Since there are many restrictions on burning wood in certain states, another good option is a gas firepit. With modern options that will fit right in with your backyard landscaping, they create a new hangout spot on cool nights.


A great game can be enhanced by an entertainment setup. With TVs that are specifically designed for outdoor use, you can watch your favorite game or show without the worry of outdoor weather and temperatures affecting your TV. In addition to great picture quality, it’s important to consider sound quality. Your outdoor area is often noisier than your indoor area, so it’s a great idea to add in some speakers for surround sound. Whether they are installed or portable, speakers will make you feel like you’re out at the stadium.


Our backyards have become our new playgrounds, so our kids, pets, and family members must have a fun outdoor space. One way to enhance your backyard is with a great lawn for running and playing. Artificial turf gives the green space that many people desire, without skyrocketing your water bill to maintain real grass.

If you’re an avid golfer, you can consider adding a putting green to practice your game at your leisure. For the kids and guests, consider lawn games such as cornhole, ringer, or bocce ball. Not to mention your backyard makes a great space for your pets since there may not be much grass around some neighborhoods.


Lighting can certainly set any mood! Consider adding lights to plants or trees to give your backyard a bright flair. You could also incorporate some rustic-style lanterns into your outdoor tables to make for great dinner mood lighting. With new energy-efficient LED lights, you won’t have to worry about any extra energy costs when lighting the yard.

If you’re looking for an even easier way to set the mood and bring in some light to your outdoors, candles — traditional or flameless — lend an ethereal feel to your patio at any time of day. Also, non-scented candles and citronella candles act as a gentle and natural bug repellent.


Whether you have an expansive lanai or a small covered patio overlooking your backyard, you can make the most of your outdoor living area by defining distinctive social spaces. This gives guests a room to spread out and have separate conversations, even within an intimate outdoor area. A table with chairs creates an outdoor dining space, a pair of chaise lounges defines the laid-back lounging zone, and outdoor ottomans by a firepit let guests know where to go when the sun goes down and the s’mores come out.

Other than strictly outdoor seating, you can also consider how to make your guests comfortable with indoor and outdoor concepts. Indoor-outdoor living spaces allow you to seamlessly blend your interior space with your outdoor patio. It also comes with some advantages, like giving your guests the option to sit indoors or outdoors without feeling isolated from the group. This blended lounge space is a great option for any holiday or special event you might consider hosting in your home.

It’s also essential to purchase high-quality furniture frames with weather-proof cushions so that the pieces can withstand the elements without you having to bring them inside every time there is a storm. Also, consider using an outdoor rug, decorative pillows, and having fuzzy blankets handy to make the area feel more comfortable and warm.


An outdoor kitchen is a natural gathering spot in the landscape. After all, everyone ends up in the kitchen indoors, so the odds are great that the same thing will happen when there’s a kitchen outside. An outdoor kitchen encourages you to enjoy dining al fresco whenever the weather is good, whether you have guests or not. There are a lot of pieces to consider for an outdoor kitchen, even if you’re doing a small, simple project, so finding the right pros is important. If your kitchen is part of a new landscape plan or the cornerstone of a landscape upgrade, you should be working with a landscape designer.

Businesses that sell outdoor appliances and materials often have a staff designer who can help you decide on the layout and features you need and can provide advice on how to make it happen.

A ClifRock licensed installer who is experienced in outdoor kitchen construction can make sure the installation is done correctly. You will need to hire a plumber and an electrician for any plumbing or electrical work. Outdoor Kitchens


Adding in a water feature or two in your backyard can make watching early fall football games outside much more bearable. When the weather is still warm midday, a water feature helps cool you off so the only sweat you’ll break on gameday is from the stress of a close game. Water features have also become more versatile and cost-efficient. There are many things to consider when picking out your water features like your property size, yard layout, budget, style, and the list goes on.

Your Property’s Size

Your water feature should be the correct scale for your yard. A small pond might work well on a two-acre lot but would dominate a postcard-size area.

Your Yard’s Layout

Think about the organization of your outdoor space to plan your water feature location. If you’d like to hear the trickle of water from your office, for instance, place your fountain outside that

window. Avoid putting a water feature in the way of existing plants and future, patios, or walkways. You might also want to steer clear of overhanging trees and shrubs, which could drop leaves into the water feature and clog its drain.

Your Budget

You can land a water feature at any budget, from very little for a DIY fountain or pond kit to thousands for a custom-designed installation by a landscape designer or masonry company.

Keep in mind that if you’re dreaming of a larger water feature, you’ll probably need to hire an electrician to install a GFCI outlet and, if necessary, upgrade your circuit panel. (Smaller water features can often run off solar energy.)

Your Style

You can make your water feature blend in with nature by installing a water feature made of stone or bamboo. You can also add contrast with a sculptural fountain in ceramic, concrete, acrylic resin, copper, or fiberglass. Either way, make sure your water feature’s style and the material will mesh well with your property.

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